January 13th, 2017

(The perks of being allowed to add your own credits :))
(The perks of being allowed to add your own credits :))

This awesome piece was created in collaboration with a group of cool and creative people that attended the Surprise Party" for the 1,000,054th Anniversary of Art  (legit). This is an annual tradition initiated by Lorenzo Sanjuan-Pertusa ( , ) in cahoots with
LB Graph-x.     This year we broke out of the usual, private home get together format and made it more of a thing. So I wanted to add something special for everyone to enjoy some arting and brought a prepped surface and some basic art materials for everyone in attendance to add their personal touch to the piece. The end result was nothing like I expected and that is what I love the most about it.

Contributor credits:
Taysha Martinez
Jonathan Izzolo
Bernice Corral-Garcia (LB Graph-x)
David Garcia (LB Graph-x)
Albert Madera (LB Graph-x)
Juan Infante
Vivi Gomez
Lorenzo Sanjuan-Pertusa (,
Richard Reynoso (Greenhood Studio)
Claudio Garcia
Suzana Pinho-Nunes
Michael "Spiderman" Martinez (M2 Image,
Leo Infante