About me

About the artist:

Andres Alvarez was born in the Dominican Republic in 1977, he moved at an early age to Puerto Rico, where he spent most of his teenage years until he moved to New York City at the age of 18.

Art making was always in the peripheral of his daily life, but it wasn’t until the age of 36 that Andres decided to let it play a bigger role in his life and spend more time honing his skills, experimenting with various mediums and tools, trying to define his artistic goals and at the same time find his place in the art world.

His works are a reflections of his thoughts, needs and random ideas that clog his brain more often than not. Positivity, self expression and peace of mind are very dear to him, so he tries to share these values through the work he produces.

He strongly believes that art should be an integral part of our everyday lives as dwellers of this existence and that we all have the potential to create, admire and encourage the proliferation of the arts.